Dynamics GP 2015/2016/2018 and FRx

Today’s little project was upgrading my internal system to GP 2015, which all went quite smoothly. Unfortunately, I don’t have a domain, so I am not able to install and configure Management Reporter for my financial reporting. I still use FRx. But after upgrading to GP 2015, FRx would no longer connect to my company database. Instead, I received a lovely error referencing a utility dll that I was not able to locate.

After uninstalling FRx, removing all vestiges of it from my workstation, and rebooting, I did a fresh install and encountered the same problem, which — after some searching online for related issues– I traced to the common files folder at this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Dexterity.  I renamed all the dlls in this path, did a fresh installation of FRx and discovered that one dll was created afresh: GPConn.dll.  The FRx one is dated 4/6/06. This is from the FRx674 build for GP10, which was the last full release of FRx. The new GPConn.dll created by the GP2015 installer has a date of 11/14/14.

FRx ran just fine and connected to my company database after recreating the original dll. So far I’ve had no problems running GP 2015 either, so I thought I would share this in case anyone else out there is still using FRx and wants to upgrade to GP 2015.

Hi, all. Just updating this to let you know the same steps work for GP 2016 and GP 2018. FRx is still viable with the latest release of Dynamics GP.



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28 responses to “Dynamics GP 2015/2016/2018 and FRx

  1. Bill Campbell

    So, did you have to replace other DLL”s or only this one?

  2. Bill Campbell

    did you have to re-grant any permissions on SQL after you made this change?

  3. Kelly G

    Is this on a 64 bit machine?

  4. I ran into this today and am grateful you took the time to blog this! I may re-blog referencing your post as the solution point if that’s ok. I didn’t get an error with a DLL, and the exact error test I got didn’t register anywhere in terms of a google search but this worked. Thanks again…

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  6. This worked perfectly! Thank you so much! I will repost this on our blog and give you credit for the original article. If you would prefer I don’t, let me know and I’ll take it down. This is GREAT!

  7. We have used this solution multiple times but ran into trouble. A recent upgrade to GP2015 R2 from GP2010 we received an error referencing the FSGreatPlains61.dll file. I had to replace the file with one dated 10/2005 ( the install had one dated 2/2011). I replaced the dll, ran the frx67reg.cmd, then re-setup the companies. Back in business ( old frx business that is)

  8. HFLo

    look like many prefer FRx over MR…. count me in ….

  9. Thanks Constance, this really helped me out!

  10. Janeece Moreland

    I want to Thank you ALSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are wonderful to post this.

  11. FYI, the same applies to GP 2016. Just upgraded today and replaced the dll with the same results!

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  13. Mink LeVoy

    Ah, Yes! This is a superb post that I’ve been able to apply multiple times at many client sites. So with the big announcement around MR, I was wondering if anyone has tried FRx with GP 2016? I have a few stragglers still running GP 2010 that want to move to GP 2016, but have some extensive reports in FRx. They’d like to get to GP 2016 with FRx with the plan to moving to Jet Reports sometime after the upgrade is done.

    • Yes, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, I have tested this same process with GP 2016 and it works fine. I am currently using FRx with GP 2016.

      • Mink LeVoy

        Duh, I don’t know how I missed your last post. I swear I read through all the responses on this post. Apparently I read 20 of the 21 posts. Thanks for the quick response!

  14. Thank you, Constance. This post saved me hours of research.

  15. Barb Schroth

    Hi Constance, I have a client with this same issue, have tried just renaming and running the FRxReg67.cmd and it created a new dll with a date of 4/06/06. But they still are unable to run their reports. Do you actually have a copy of the old dll that you could send me? I have tried searching for it other places which is how I came across your blog. Thanks! Barb

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  17. John Marshall

    I have had success with this up until GP2018 with SQL 2017. Which version of SQL are you running? I am getting FSGreatPlains61 Error 40002: 3700 Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server SQL server the batch could not be analyzed because of compile errors.

  18. I am still operating on SQL 2014, but the ODBC driver does need to be an older version. You may want to try SQL Server Native Client 10.0. That one works for me. I have a separate datasource set up for Frx – not the standard Dynamics GP 2018 one, which is Native Client 11.0.

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